Monday, May 3, 2010

The Wordy Owl Syllabus

Remember the syllabus they handed out the first day of class in college to give you a guide as to what would be covered? I’ve decided to do that also since I couldn’t come up with a good tagline for my header. One of the first tips many professional bloggers give newbie’s, like myself, is to have a memorable phrase that sums up the tone and premise of what your blog is about and whether you will have topics that will interest the reader. Like my first post stated, I like to talk a lot, so for me to have to sum up my whole blog in about 5 words or less is like torture. So after days of trying to come up with something clever and witty to describe the type of blog this will be I decided to make a list of things we may discuss.
First, let me welcome you all to class. Please sit anywhere you like. Each of you should have a syllabus below that will give you an idea of what we will cover. I hope that you find topics that interest you and will become a participating member of the class. Please feel free to let me know any additional topics you would like to discuss and we’ll see what we can do.
·         Motherhood in general
·         Being a first time mom
·         Trying to conceive for a second time
·         Crazy and maybe not so crazy ways to try and conceive a girl
·         Explanation as to why it is “OK” to hope for a child of a certain sex
·         Tracking ovulation
·         Pregnancy
·         Raising a toddler
·         All the things nobody mentions regarding pregnancy, birth   and parenthood that would be really helpful to know in advance
·         Marriage
·         Becoming a stay at home mommy
·         Trying to still have a sense of self after becoming a wife and 
·         Cooking and Recipes
·         Coupons and money saving deals
·         Rants and Raves on products, places and people
·         Anything else that happens to strike my fancy for the moment

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