Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Is it a Boy or a Girl???

Waiting to find out the gender of this baby has been driving me crazy since the second I found out I was pregnant. Partly because I have blabbed to anyone that would listen how badly I'm hoping it's a girl since this will be our last and we already have a wonderful three year old boy. I even charted my ovulation for several months in order to try and pinpoint the optimal time to conceive a girl. So after all that blabbing and charting I was thrilled to discover a product that could predict the gender of baby #2 at only 10 weeks pregnant and with 82% accuracy. The product is the Intelligender Gender Prediction Test. It is an at home test that you can buy at most pharmacies for around $34.95. It is much like a pregnancy test and is very simple to use. And as most of you know from my pregnancy announcement post my affinity for peeing on things and getting a fast result, this product was right up my alley.
The company sent me a free one to try and I had to contain myself to wait and take it at 10 weeks. The morning of my 10 weeks I got up early and used my first morning urine for the best results and took the test. And according to the Intelligender test I am having...........................................
A boy! Dun Dun Dun!!!!!!!!! Please say it isn't so. I won't lie, I was like oh no, this can't be right, I must have done it incorrectly. So just to be sure I took another one. LOL! I told you I have an affinity for peeing on things. And the second test said.........................................................................

HAHA!!! So, we'll have to wait and see what my 20 week anatomy ultrasound says tomorrow to see if both the tests are correct. But this was a fun way to pass the time while I waited either way. I wouldn't go out and pick your nursery room colors just yet but it adds another fun little thing to do while you wait for that second trimester ultrasound.

Intelligender has several other products for mom and baby in their IntelliCeuticals line that are all natural. You can check them out online at http://www.intelligender.com/home.html.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bump Alert!

I will be 20 weeks next Thursday (30th), that means I will have made it to the halfway point. Only 20 more weeks to go from that point. I can't believe that I am already almost halfway there but another 20 weeks seems like a million years away. I'm feeling much better though and I hope it stays that way. I took my first set of bump pictures last week when I turned 18 weeks pregnant. I could not believe how big I looked. I guess you don't realize how big you are until you see it in print sometimes. Haha! I seriously look huge though, I went back and compared pictures from my first pregnancy and I look like I did when I was 6 months pregnant with Jackson. It's crazy, all I keep thinking is what does this mean, how huge am I going to get with this one. Anyway, bumps are always cute in my opinion and I am happy to actually look pregnant now and not just like I've been eating one too many pieces of fudge (which I totally have but at least the bump covers up the plain ole fat). So, here are my 18 Week bump shots. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I'm Back........

Hi everyone, so sorry I've been MIA for the past two months. I really wasn't feeling very well and I don't think that I would have been able to write anything very interesting. Unless of course you are interested in nausea, morning sickness, heartburn, headaches, excessive peeing and an overall felling of blah. When people ask me how I'm feeling now I usually respond with, I have more good days than bad now. I am so grateful that I wasn't deathly ill like with my first pregnancy that I feel bad even sometimes complaining with this one. So far this pregnancy has been totally different since the very beginning. I have been extremely tired this time way more than the first go around. I could literally sleep all the time, which isn't very feasible with a three year old. I've had heartburn almost since day one with this one and I can not stop peeing. It's out of control peeing, like 5-6 times a night type of situation. I'm already super uncomfortable and I'm only 18 weeks pregnant. I have back and pelvic pain already which i don't remember feeling until much much later last time. I'm carrying different, I'm showing sooner and I'm not gaining much weight even though I feel like a giant whale. Eating with this pregnancy has been a total issue also, mainly due to the extreme heartburn. But if I don't eat soon enough in the morning or if I eat too much or too little or not often enough I feel sick and nauseous. It's like a science that I just haven't figured out 18 weeks in. And pretty much anything I eat gives me extreme heartburn. My doctor gave me medication for it, which does help but doesn't eliminate. Everyone including my doctor tells me that eating every couple hours at least a little snack is the best cure over any medicine but that is a lot harder than it sounds. I can barely think of things to eat for the 3 basic meals of the day let alone every couple of hours. And I'm pretty sure she wouldn't be pleased to know about my recent fudge and dill pickle chips obsession. I don't think those are the kind of snacks she had in mind when she said to eat something every two hours or so. I'm guessing those two snacks might also help with the weight gain that up until now has been pretty slow. I am actually at the exact same weight I started at because while I was sick I lost 10 pounds but I have since gained it back. I have a feeling at my December 30th appointment, after all the homemade Christmas candy my grandma will have spread out over the holiday, that I will have gained an unhealthy amount of weight. We shall see.

So, that pretty much catches you up on where I am right now. I haven't taken any pictures of my bump yet so I will do that and post them soon per some of your requests. :) I thougtht I would just include some random pictures from the last two months to catch you up. Happy Hump Day!

Playing miniature golf for his first time on his 3rd birthday. He loved it!

3rd Birthday party. My 1st attempt at being crafty with the banner in the background.

Blowing out his candles.

Drinking tea together. Trying to ease my nausea.

Hitting range balls. Favorite things to do together.

My little golfer and future PGA tour member.

UPS men on Halloween.
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