Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm 9 Weeks!

Apparently many people think it's funny how many tests I took to confirm this exciting news. Ha ha! I actually took a few more than the ones in the picture from the last post. And the first time I was pregnant I think I about drained our bank account due to the amount of tests I bought. I just couldn't quit. I'm not sure if it's an affinity for peeing on sticks or just complete denial that there is actually an extra line on each of the tests. Hence the digital test I bought this time. This was my first time trying one of these tests and it was quite exciting I must say watching the blinking little hourglass and then to see PREGNANT pop up. Something about the certainty of actually seeing the word I loved. I've felt pretty blah lately with the nausea-I refuse to call it morning sickness due to the fact I'm quite certain it had to be referred to as that by a man who has in fact never been pregnant and completely unaware that it occurs all day regardless of the time. However, I am not sick like I was last time (which was horrendous) so I am VERY grateful for that. At my first doctor appointment last Friday I got my cocktail of drugs that have made it much more bearable to deal with. I also got to have my first glimpse of our new little gummy bear as the tech referred to the baby as. And here is HER (fingers crossed) blog debut.
So, I will try my best to not completely bore you to death or offer TMI for the next 31 weeks but I'm not making any promises. Something about being pregnant just opens you up to thinking its appropriate to offer random private bodily functions and an unlimited amount of details to anyone that will listen. But I will try to contain myself.
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