Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ten Things Tuesday-Things Parents Do To Annoy Teens!!!

I thought it would be fun to let my 16 year old cousin who is visiting me from North Carolina make a guest post today. She is very funny and has a twisted sense of humor like me. =) Since it was Ten Things Tuesday I thought it would be interesting for all the parents of teenagers out there to hear about a few things you do that drive your teens nuts. So, without further ado here is Chloe's Ten Things Parents Do To Annoy Teens list:
1.  Wanting to see our cell phones - No, we're not taking naked pictures of ourselves or exchanging a drug deal. We just don't like you looking at our stuff!

2. Trying to sing and dance - Let's just imagine my 49 year old father dancing around the kitchen singing to Merl Haggard. I think we get the picture.

3. Asking what we did today -  No matter what, our answer will always be "Nothing".

4. Friends - There's a reason why they're my friends and not your friends. Please quit talking to them.

5. Backseat Driving - Dear Mom, I can see the red light, but it's also 100 yards away.

6. The Birds and the Bees - Please don't come to me with the word 'sex' on the tip of your tongue. they teach all this stuff in school now.

7. How we got it - The kids in our generation may have it easier, but it's the people in your generation that made it easier.

8. Let's talk slang - Yo dawg, no one talks like this anymore homie.

9. Bad grades - Teenagers go to school to socialize, no to learn. No matter how bad we're doing in geometry.

10. Parent Facebook Stalking - My friends and i are having a conversation here. Don't comment with one of your corny jokes.


torie@Life With Rylie said...

Can my little girl just stay little forever?? Hehe

Carly said...

I know..Right! I have no idea how I am going to deal with a teenager in the future. I just hope they aren't too much like I was. I'm surprised I'm still alive after the backtalk I used to dish out. =)

Sippy Cup Mom said...

I love it! That's hilarious!

fickleinpink said...

yeah, so true!

hopping from TTA, now following!

...come and visit fickleinpink, the dark side if you find the time!

have a beautiful day!


fickleinpink said...

yeah, so very true!
hopping from TTA, now following!

...come and visit fickleinpink, the dark side if you find the time!

have a beautiful day!


staci said...

Love it Chloe, Good Job.

Brittany @ TheMamazine.com said...

Wow this was a great post! She's quite witty. I see a hilarious blog in her future. Enjoy your visit together! : )

D said...

hahaha she's got it! I remember thinking the exact same thing when I was a teenager. Lord help us when our daughters and sons get to be that age!

Peter Stone said...

Great post :)
My daughter's just about to hit her teens, and I can already see some of this in her, LOL.

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