Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Swim Class

J's swim class started yesterday and it started on a bad note. First of all, it was raining off and on and they don't cancel unless it's lightning. So, I got in my dreaded bathing suit and then attempted to get J in his. He decided this was the perfect time to have a total meltdown and did not want to put on his swim trunks. This went on for a good 10 minutes before Jason and I had to just hold him down and get the trunks on him. NOT FUN!!! So, off we all went to class. When we arrived it was very disorganized, which I can not stand, it was mainly young girls and guys that were the lifeguards and instructors, which is fine but they were a little more interested in talking and flirting with each other than getting the different groups together to start. I maybe wouldn't have minded this if it was not raining and cold but it was and I was quickly loosing my patience. Finally they started calling out names and directing us all under the large umbrellas and covered areas to meet up with our instructors and to discuss the class overview. I was excited to see who all was going to be in our class so that I could try and spot some potential playdate friends. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT.....there are only two other kids in our class and the mother of one of the kids is SUPER ANNOYING! She is the kind of mom that thinks that her kid is the greatest thing that ever happened to the world and she never shuts up. During the entire introduction by the instructor she kept interrupting and talking really loudly to her daughter. Then she would yell over across the way to her son that was in another class and try and tell him something that was totally not necessary at that exact moment. She's a major attention whore. All of this was magnified because every second we sat there it started raining harder and harder and the rain was now blowing all over us. So the fact that this lady wouldn't shut up and let the instructor finish was really starting to piss me off. Then the instructor said that we weren't going to be able to get into the water today, no shit Sherlock, and that we would just read a story about swim class. I am not joking! In the freezing, blowing, hard rain this kid instructor wanted to read a story to three kids under the age of three. My husband started laughing behind me and when I asked him what was so damn funny, he said "this whole situation and the fact that I know you are about to blow any minute." He knows me all to well, I seriously was about to lose my shit. When the freaking story about the damn duck that went to swim class was over the instructor asked if there were any questions and I said, "yes, are we done now, this is a little ridiculous. The kids lips are turning blue." She said that class was done for the day and in case it was doing this tomorrow that we might want to call before we come. YA THINK!!!

Day Two: It is sunny, praise the lord! Surely this will be a better day. Skrrrt.......J decides to have another major meltdown about putting the swim trunks on. So, we force them on his body again and we're off to class. Once again the instructors are just chit chatting about random BS instead of getting the show on the road. So we stand there patiently waiting for our name to be called. Finally an instructor, not the same one from yesterday, calls for all the mommy and me class to gather by her. J and I go over and wait with the other parent and child when the instructor says that we will get started as soon as our missing other child and mom arrive. She was referring to the annoying mom, who in fact was already there she was just across the way telling her whole life story to some random mom who looked like she wanted to run away. I pointed her out to our instructor who was able to get her attention and told her we were ready to start. She put her finger up and said just a minute. I know that God is testing me in moments like this and I try my hardest not to totally freak out, which I did not today, but if this goes on for the next week and a half I may fail God's test. Please pray for me! =) When the heifer decided that she was ready to begin she came trotting over like what are we waiting for. I handed our stuff to Jason and asked him to take a few pictures of us. Since J and I had taken swim class last year and he loved it I never even considered the possibility that he wouldn't like it this year.Well, he didn't, he didn't want to get in the water but after I begged a little he agreed. When we got into the freezing water he latched onto my neck with a death grip and didn't want any part in any of the exercises or songs. I might have failed to mention that a couple weekends ago he was in a pool at a friends house and had on a life jacket and he tipped forward and went face first under the water before I dragged him out. He was only under water for like 3 seconds but I'm pretty sure this moment left an impression.

I'm hoping that the rest of the week goes a little more smoothly regarding the actual swimming lessons but I'm disappointed that the possibility for making any playdate friends is totally out the window. You couldn't force me to hang around the annoying mom if you held a gun to my head and the other kid in the class is a lot younger than J. But on the bright side, after all this drama that has gone on between the rain, the meltdowns, the resistance to getting in the water, the annoying mom, the disappointment of no possible playdate friends, I've forgotten all about my fear of being in a bathing suit in public. So that's something.......=)

Oh and one last thing, I thought I would share the fabulous pictures that my husband took of his son and the mother of his child engaging in a milestone activity together...................
We are the one's off to the left in the background behind the hot instructors. And yes, these are the only two pictures he took. Yeah, it just keeps getting better and better this whole swim class thing!!!


Ott, A. said...

Just stoppin' by from TTA to say hi and thanks for linking up to the party. I was really surprised to be the hostess today, I hope you found lots of new blogs and followers. Happy blogging!!!!

D said...

Bummer about the swim class! It definitely does not sound fun (young kids as the teachers, annoying mom, screaming child...) You may need to try something else to meet mommas! Oh and seriously on the pictures?!? Major husband fail! ;)

Eternal Lizdom said...

OK- the pictures are HILARIOUS.

While not quite the same... last summer, my husband was in charge of the camera while I had the kids in our little blow up pool in the backyard. Later that night, I'm checking the pics and find half a dozen shots of just my cleavage. Ha!

Christine said...

That sounds like absolute hell! Hopefully the rest goes better!

I would have been pissed if my husband only took those pictures. lol. At least you're in it?? ;)

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