Wednesday, April 6, 2011

UPDATE....My Goals for 2011 before baby #2 gets here in May

I wrote a list of goals back at the midway point in my pregnancy that I hoped to complete before the new baby arrives in May. Here is the update on those items.

1. To potty train my three year old. This is a current work in progress. He is at least wearing the pull ups now and sometimes goes to the potty. Still a nightmare!
2. To change my three year olds room into a big boy room and move the baby furniture into our now office/guestroom for baby #2's nursery. COMPLETED
3. To figure out what to do with an entire office/guestroom full of stuff when there is nowhere in our ever shrinking house to put it. COMPLETED
4. To go through all of Jackson's clothes from the time he was born until now and sort through it all for selling in the Just Between Friends sale and keeping a few sentimental pieces without totally loosing it emotionally. I so should have done this BEFORE I got pregnant. COMPLETED
5. To tag and prepare all of my items for my first time consigning in the Just Between Friends sale at the end of February. COMPLETED
6. To have another god forsaken garage sale to further "eliminate files" as my husband calls it. We are currently preparing all the items for the sale and it should take place in the next two weekends, weather permitting.
7. Once all of the stuff has been sorted, sold, donated or thrown away, my plan is to reorganize my house and to try and get it at least semi livable for at least another year until we can hopefully purchase a new bigger house.
8. Prepare the nursery for baby #2. COMPLETED.....Post to follow of its TOTAL cuteness!!!
9. Clean the house from top to bottom. Like the baseboards and blinds type of clean.
10. To read a few books on breastfeeding and sleeping that will hopefully help make both of those things go better this time around. Currently reading several books and will complete before baby arrives hopefully.

So, 5 out of 10 are completed with the others in progress. I still have 6 more weeks till go time and hopefully I will complete this whole list by then. Wish me luck!

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Unpolished Parenting said...

Way to go!! You've gotten a lot done :) Cant' wait to see pic of the nursery!

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