Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Current Quest for baby #2

Let me tell you about what I have been doing for the past couple of months.....Tracking my ovulation.

Now, let me tell you why I have been tracking my ovulation for the past couple of months......To try and increase my chances at conceiving a girl.

When I tell people this I usually get the same responses. A) That's crazy, how will tracking your ovulation help your chances of having a girl, B) Why would you want a girl, so much drama, I would love to have all boys, C) Just be happy with whatever you get.

Let me address each one of those responses here:

A) By pinpointing the exact day of ovulation you increase your chance of conceiving, this applies to anyone trying to conceive regardless of gender preference. There are many different ways to track ovulation and I have only chosen to do a few. The first is a Basal Body Thermometer (BBT). You take your temperature at the same time every morning and over a few cycles, you'll see patterns that indicate when ovulation typically takes place for you. The other way I help pinpoint ovulation is through Ovulation Predictor Kits (OPK's). These are much like pregnancy tests except they test the monthly LH surge- the sudden increase in luteinizing hormone present in your urine just before you ovulate. The presence of the positive ovulation test indicates that you will likely ovulate within 12 to 36 hours. If you are trying to have a girl, you'll need to begin timing sex during the period at least 2 to 3 days before you anticipate ovulation to take place. This method favors the slower but larger and more resilient X-chromosome sperm (girls). Intercourse further away from ovulation favors the larger slower moving X (girl) sperm. The weaker Y (boy) sperm will die more quickly in the more acidic preovulatory vaginal / cervical secretions and by the time of ovulation there will be a much larger concentration of X (girl) sperm available to fertilize the egg. Hence, your chances of conceiving a girl are greatly increased. At least according to this theory of thinking known as the Shettles Method.

B) I'm glad that you would be happy with all boys but we are different and that's ok. Please don't judge my desire to have a daughter. And since when did having a girl automatically invoke people to say things like "Drama and Way more work than boys?" I'm here to tell you that I have a son and OMG he is a lot of work. I just think that boys and girls have different issues than each other, not to say that either are more or less easier to deal with on the whole parenting spectrum, just different. I also want a daughter for things like bows, pink, purple, glitter, dresses, accessories, shoes, dress up, shopping, girly movies, prom dress shopping, wedding planning, being a mother to my daughter when she is pregnant one day, long talks about boys and what all the celebrities are doing, this list could go on and on forever. And Yes, I am aware that not all girls are into all of these things but the likelihood that a girl would be more into some of these things over a boy is pretty high. I already have a son and know I will get to enjoy all the absolutely fabulous things usually associated with having a boy that you may not get to experience with a girl. So why wouldn't I want the same thing with a girl? Sorry I'm coming off so defensive but I have quite frankly been shocked at the response I have gotten to my desire to have a girl. You never hear the same reactions I have received when you hear a father express the desire to have a boy. It just kinda seems skewed to me. 

C) This response bugs me a lot. Of course I will be happy with whatever God decides to give us. But don't look at me like I just told you I'm going to steal the lady next to me on the OB floors baby girl when I tell you that I'm trying to increase my odds of having a girl by tracking ovulation. Seriously, it's not that big of a deal. Yes, I know that many people are desperate to have a child regardless of gender at all. I feel for these people (some of which are some of my readers) so badly and I can not imagine having to go through all the things that you have had to go through mentally and physically just to try and conceive at all. But I also think that it is OK to desire a child of a certain gender and not to be judged because of it.

So, that's my rant for the day. Thanks for listening. I'll try not to drive you all crazy as we begin this wild ride again into parenthood for the second time with all my bodily functions, mental ups and downs and just plain ole' TMI that seems to take over many women when they are trying to conceive and especially when they get pregnant. That could be a whole other post entirely. =)


D said...

Good luck momma! As a mother of a girl, I say that all babies are a handful and they can all be drama or chilled out, just depends - and not on gender. Do what you gotta do! Blessing to you and your family regardless of the outcome :)

The Wilson's said...

Yay for you momma, thanks for sharing that y'all are trying for another little one:)

Karen said...

Much luck to you!! It's rough, but hang in there. Just remember, all baby's have drama when they are toddlers. Boys & girls alike-I have 2 of each! ;)

MamaOnDaGo said...

Talk about working to have a child. Body temperature. Peeing on sticks. Mathmatical calculations. I see no problem trying to increase your chances of having a girl. I hear there are even facilities that will spin down sperm and help pick the specific X or Y sperm. Regardless, I'm sending you pink ribbon vibes.

torie@Life With Rylie said...

Aw good luck! I love having a girl and getting her all pretty and dressed up :) Hang in there!

Terry said...

Good luck to you!!

Following you from Follow Me Chickadee. Would appreciate it if you could come over and follow me back. Terry

My Journey With Candida

Anonymous said...

good luck!! I hope you get your girl!! I had a girl first and I just knew I wanted my next to be a boy. If we go for a third I totally want to give my babes a little sister. I'll have to try your method to help me out, can't hurt!!

Here from FMC, happy weekend!

stash mama said...

Thanks for the follow! I am totally following you back now! I hope you get a chance to enter my Earth Mama Angel Baby giveaway ending TODAY with loow entries! Stash Mama

Lynn said...

I'm totally with you on the gender thing. No one questions you when you say that you want to have a boy. I still think there is a bit of a bias. I have a girl and she is the best! Good luck!!

thanks for visiting my blog! you had said that you followed but I don't think you are probably as confused as I am when I visit a gozillion blogs on Follow Friday!!

Kelly's Lucky You said...


I have a proven technique to have a girl. It worked for me, I have a beautiful daughter.......

Ready to hear?

*suspenseful pause*

I adopted!

Seriously, best of luck to you. I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting a girl (I obviously agree with you, hehehe)

I found you from Follow Me Chickadee. I'm a new follower, I hope you'll follow me back.

Design It Chic said...

I am now following your thanks to Tuesday Tag-Along and it would be nice if you could share the love back on my blog! Plus, don't forget, if you need any help tweaking your blog or easy HTML tips, you know where to come!
Today we talk about another how to unclutter your blog tip, so come on by! Happy Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

New follower here from Tuesday Tag A Long, come see me!

Sarah said...

I'm a new follower from Tuesday Tag-Along.
I hope you'll come check me out at PS Mom Reviews and follow me too!
I have fun giveaways going on now too!

Hello! I'm Kate. said...

Good luck! My parents had 3 girls & my mom wanted a boy so out came the BBT & voila a boy! (Then a very big surprise boy 3 yrs after that! ha!)

Good luck!

Stopping by from Twitter!

Jennifer @ The Toy Box Years said...

I just learned something new today! Thanks for the little ovulation lesson!

Hubby and I are discussing #3 -- we have two girls. I would love to have a boy, but would be also happy with a girl. But knowing that little trick would be worth a try!

Good luck!

Conceive a girl said...

You're doing it rite!;)
~Good luck!~

Brandy said...

ooooh I hope you get a girl. I so want a girl.

Crazy lil thing called luv blog said...

I have 3 boys and would have loved to up my chances of a girl if i had known! You are doing it naturally so why would anyone care..and yes if God blesses you with a boy you would think from that reaction you were returning him! All children regardless of gender are a work in progress! Good luck..would love a follow back!

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