Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pregnancy Progress Report-30 Weeks!

How far along: 30 weeks, 70 days to go
Baby's size: About the size of a head of Cabbage (BabyCenter); 15.7 inches long and weighs approx 3 pounds
Symptoms: Still very out of breath, some cramping, pelvic pain-but mainly at night and first thing in morning.Very uncomfortable.
Sleep: Still the same as last time: Up every 2 hours to pee and uncomfortable because of pelvic pain so not a lot of sleeping going on. (Note the dark circles in the photo below)
Total Weight Gain: A total of 44 pounds at my 28 week appointment but I lost 1 pound today at my 30 week appointment. So far the increase at each appointment has gone like this...+6 lbs, +4lbs, +9lbs, +10lbs, +14, -1.Hopefully I will not continue to gain much weight from this point on, only the weight the baby is putting on. =)

Maternity clothes: Only maternity clothes. Hated full panel pants and jeans with 1st pregnancy but those are the only kind I can stand to wear this time. The others cut off my belly too much and are really uncomfortable. Love my long tunic shirts.
Best moment this since last update: Jackson was finally able to feel the baby move. He said, "Is that baby Tate?" Which is what he calls her instead of Kate. So cute!
Movement:All the time,very strong kicks, rolls and jabs! She loves my right side and likes to get up high in my ribs just like Jackson used to do. She is very flexible, we had a 4-D ultrasound and she had her leg extended all the way up and her toes were touching her head. Was doing this at two separate appointments. So, we didn't get the greatest images of her face in 4-D.
Food cravings: Last few days it's been sandwiches, raspberry sherbet, and dill pickle flavored chips.
Gender: GIRL....GIRL...GIRL....I'm still so excited about this and can't wait! 
Labor signs: Braxton Hicks daily, especially in the evenings.

What I miss:Being able to be comfortable doing simple things like sleeping, bending over, getting dressed, putting on socks and shoes.
What I'm looking forward to:HAVING THIS BABY!!! Also, on a smaller scale, warmer weather so I can start wearing flip flops that are easier to get on and off.
Weekly Wisdom (aka what I learned this week): Flat slip on shoes are a god send for pregnant women. Multiple pillows are a necessity. Drinking lots of water helps many things.
Milestones: Passing my Gestational Diabetes test and entering my third and final trimester.
Emotions:All over the place. We have many things going on right now that could possibly mean big changes coming for our family and a lot of unanswered questions which causes stress so I've been a little crazy lately.

Photo of the week:

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